Erasmus+ Eye-Opener Training for NEET Youth and Youth Workers

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From February 21-26, 2023, a training session for youth workers and young people in NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) conditions will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

The workshop aims to increase young people’s active engagement in the planning of youth exchanges and to provide opportunities to meet possible partner groups and develop connections in other countries.

Youth workers can attend this training workshop with one or two young people from their organization.Through this opportunity, you will learn the fundamentals of organising and applying for an Erasmus+ grant for youth exchanges.

Now, let’s look at some additional information regarding this training course.

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Training Objectives

The main objective of the course is to provide information on Erasmus+ youth exchanges and offer a group learning experience in the process of setting up a youth exchange project. Moreover, the course will cover the following topics: 

  • to comprehend non-formal learning and young people’s engagement in learning;
  • to investigate the role of a group leader in the learning process of young people;
  • to increase young people’s active engagement in the organising of youth exchanges;
  • to provide the chance to meet potential partner groups and develop connections in other countries;
  • to develop collaborations among young people and organisations;

The target group for the course includes a maximum of 40 participants, consisting of 1 adult leader (over 18 years old) and 1-2 young people between 15-18 years old in NEET situations. Priority will be given to applicants from certain European countries, but applicants from other program countries can still apply. The course is organized in collaboration with the NEET strand of Strategic Partnership for Inclusion.

The National Agencies of the Erasmus+ Programme will finance the costs for the training course, which will vary depending on the participant’s country of origin. Participants must submit their applications by January 13th. For more information about the “Eye-Opener for NEET Organizations”, you can visit the dedicated page on the SALTO-YOUTH website.


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