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On Wednesday 18 January, DG Intpa will hold a conference to present some concrete initiatives of youth engagement under the framework of the Youth Action Plan.

The Youth Action Plan

The Youth Action Plan in EU External Action (2022-2027) is a new policy framework that promotes the engagement of young people as strategic partners, supporting their empowerment and participation to contribute to sustainable development, equality and peace.

The Youth Action Plan in EU External Action is guided by three pillars of action that will help shape the EU’s partnership with young people in partner countries:

  1. partnership to engage: increasing young people’s voices in policy and decision-making;
  2. partnership to empower: fighting inequalities and providing young people with the skills and tools they need to thrive;
  3. partnership to connect: fostering opportunities for young people to network and exchange with their peers worldwide.

The Youth Action Plan is part of the EU institutions efforts to mark the European Year of Youth 2022 and its international dimension, shining a light on the important role of young people in building a better future – greener, more inclusive and digital.

Online Conference on Youth Participation

The Conference on Youth Participation will be informing about the new policy for promoting youth participation and empowerment in EU External Action.

When:  – Where: either online or in Brussels 
Languages: English, French, Spanish

The conference will:

  • Present the Youth Action Plan in EU External Action: its purpose and principles, and the involvement of young people in its design.
  • Explain the different pillars for action Engage – Empower – Connect, with lines of actions and main initiatives.
  • Present some concrete initiatives of youth engagement:
    • The Youth Sounding Board for EU International Partnerships.
    • Youth advisory structures in EU Delegations, the example of the Youth Sounding Board in Nigeria.
    • Western Balkans Youth Lab Project, an example of how to provide opportunities for youth to participate in policy-making in their countries.

Register to the online conference, or attend the event on site.

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