Erasmus+ Projects for Environmental Sustainability

erasmus+ sustainability

The topic of environmental sustainability is popular among European Projects funded by the EU. The goal of having a greener Europe is indeed one of the strategic achievements of the Erasmus+ priorities, as set out by the Erasmus+ Guide 2021-2027.

Erasmus+ Priorities

Among the objectives to pursue, here are the four main ones:

  • Promoting inclusion and diversity;
  • Making projects ‘greener’ and encouraging environmentally sustainable and responsible behaviour among participants and participating organisations;
  • Supporting the digital transition through projects and activities that boost digital skills, foster digital literacy and develop understanding of the risks and opportunities of digital technology;
  • Promoting the participation of young people in democratic processes and civic engagement.

Environmental Sustainability

A new research maps out Erasmus+ projects in education for environmental sustainability and highlights 15 case studies, summarising the findings from the Erasmus+ programme which showcase successful educational approaches towards learning for environmental sustainability. 

Education and training plays a crucial role in helping people understand and act on environmental sustainability. For this reason, the European Commission supports actions which work towards this goal. According to a new study, there have been thousands of Erasmus+ projects which focus on learning for environmental sustainability since 2014.

The Power of European Projects Toward Sustainability

Over European Projects, transnational teams come together to explore environmental challenges of common European and global concern, with a variety of innovative, interdisciplinary, hands-on methods: from simulation games, and science-technology-society education models, to GPS-based scavenger hunt apps.

Explore these successful cases, and get inspiration!

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