NGO Sustainable: Strategies for Growing and Expanding Your NGO’s Impact



If you are working in the NGO sector, you’re probably aware that it takes more than good intentions to make a real impact. Running an organisation requires dedication, skills, and a systemic approach to be able to reach your goals sustainably. Whether you are part of a young or an experienced NGO, the online course called NGO.Sustainable has something to offer to help take your organisation to the next level.

What is NGO.Sustainable?

NGO.Sustainable is an online training course designed by NGOs Synergy Bulgaria (BG), Roes Cooperativa (GR), Life Zone (EE) and FEIO (PL) to share their expertise in:

  • strategic development; 
  • branding and communication with target groups; 
  • digital youth work; 
  • international project management; 

This course is tailored to help organisations adopt a systemic approach to running an organisation. It offers a unique opportunity to learn new skills and adapt to an ever-changing context to make a real and positive impact.

By the end of the course, participants will have clarity about their next steps, feel more confident about branding and digital activities, as well as gain a new perspective on project management. In addition, you will have access to extra materials, templates, and examples of good practices in the NGO.Sustainable Library and be able to join the online FB community for personalised support.

NGO.Sustainable is a unique opportunity for young and less experienced NGOs to grow their organisations and scale their impact. Join the course today and upgrade your youth work skills to take on new opportunities and make a difference in your community.


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