ESC Buddy-Support System: SALTO SEE’s Measure for Western Balkans



SALTO SEE has launched a new buddy-support system to help organisations from the Western Balkans (WB) to participate in the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). This measure is designed to support the quality and quantity of volunteering projects and matches two organisations to collaborate on peer support and activate accredited organisations in the WB.

Enhancing quality and enhancing partnership creation are the two main aspects of this measure. It addresses the needs of both experienced and less experienced organisations from the WB and ESC participating countries. Read on to find out more about this exciting support measure from SALTO SEE.

SALTO SEE’s ESC Buddy-Support System

The buddy-support system includes a series of online meetings and physical visits between organisations. The process begins with match-making to establish each Buddy Support Team, which then works individually during July and August. The timeframe for the implementation of the measure is June – September 2023.

Financial stimulation is also available in the form of a 400 EUR support for the experienced organisation. Once the measure is fully implemented, the experienced organisation is required to send a final report consolidated by both partners to claim the fee.

Interested organisations can apply by filling out an application form by May 12, 2023. For more information, you can contact [email protected].


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