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Many of us spend our days in front of computer screens, then return home and sit on couches in front of the TV screens. Today young people find it difficult to connect with nature and spend quality time outdoors. Meanwhile, spending too much time on four walls has fatal effects on our health. Psychology provides more and more evidence that contact with nature has a huge impact on the state of our psyche and more. Spending time outdoors and physical activity in nature is an invaluable source of health.

To give a few examples some of the benefits of spending time outdoors are:
– Stress relieve
– Increased vitality
– It improves mood
– Improved short-term memory
– Alleviation of inflammation
– Relax
– Reduced anxiety and depression symptoms
– Increased concentration
– Improved creativity
– Stronger immune system
– … and much more

About the project

The Youth Exchange “Engage in Nature” gathered young people from  Italy, Sweden, UK, Portugal, and Turkey in order to deal with environmental issues and learn about nature more effectively.

Among the objectives for this project are:
– Increase awareness about environmental issues. 
– Increase practical knowledge in the nature. 
– Combine sport and non-formal learning with nature.
– Increase problem-solving skills.
– Expand the meaning of nature among young people and connect with daily life.
– Challenge young people to go out of their comfort zone. 
– Provide youth leaders tools to work in a natural environment.
– To experience different natural environments; in the lake and in the forest.

The outcome of this Youth Exchange is a HANDBOOK where you can find information about such practical things like making fire, build a shelter, read a map and gain some first aid skills.

IFALL – Integration För Alla – Sweden
Agrupamento de Escola de Ribeira de Pena – Portugal 
Bauhaus Café CIC – UK
Manor (Church of England Academy York) – UK
PrimOlio – Italy
FAAL – Turkey
SOPRO – Solidariedade e Promoção – Portugal

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