How To Get The Vaccine In Italy as a Foreigner

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If you are an organisation dealing with youth mobility and the European Solidarity Corps projects, you might have wondered how your volunteers in Italy can get the anti-Covid vaccine, being them foreigners in a foreign country.

Based on our experience, we are able to give you the full details on how to get the anti-Covid vaccine as a foreigner in Italy.

The Anti-Covid Vaccination In Italy

Our experience area covers just Italy, so if your volunteers are based in another EU country please refer to the National Agency for help.

Moreover, the vaccination process may vary from region to another. Keep in mind to check on the process that best suits your volunteers’ situation.

How To Obtain a Fiscal Code in Italy

The very first thing to do, is to get a Fiscal Code, if they don’t have one already.

In Italy, the Anti-Covid vaccine is available to anyone with a National Fiscal Code, which is your reference identification number. The Fiscal Code is a code made up of letters and numbers on the basis of your first name, family name, date and place of birth and it is used by the Public Administration to identify the citizens living in Italy. All those living in Italy need to have their own.

The first step is therefore, if they don’t have one already, to get a Fiscal Code from Agenzia delle Entrate, the fiscal agency of the public administration.

To receive the Fiscal Code it is necessary to fill out the Form called “Modello AA4 8“, that you can easily find for download. After that, the process goes entirely online.

The second step is to send by email (the personal email of the volunteer) the “Modello AA4 8” to the Agenzia delle Entrate office closest to them. To find out which offices are in their area, check out the website. In 1-working day they will receive an email attesting the Fiscal Code, which is mandatory to book an anti-Covid vaccine.

The Vaccination in Lombardy Region

In Lombardy Region, once obtained the Fiscal Code, they have to access the Vaccination Portal. There are different options. Click on “Clicca qui” as showed below.

Scroll down, click on the green button “Prenota Vaccino” and in the middle of the page you will see the following copy:

Click on “link” in green. This is necessary to pre-register and validate the Fiscal Code. Insert the information required: the new Fiscal Code, First and Second Name (“Nome”, “Cognome”), birth date (“Data di nascita”), and a telephone number (“Numero di telefono”). When providing a telephone number, please remember that it must be an Italian telephone number. If they don’t have one already, they can use someone else’s number, as long as it is an Italian one. Eventually, click on “Invia“. The Fiscal Code can take up to 72 hours to be validated.

We invite the volunteers to keep on trying to book their anti-Covid vaccine in any case, as the public administration will not tell them when the Fiscal Code is ready to be used.

Once the Fiscal Code is validated, go back to the Vaccination Portal. Click on “Prenota Vaccino” (do not insert your data here) and scrolling down, in the middle of the page, you will see the following copy:

Click on “link” in green.

Going further, you will see the following page in which you have to select “Cittadino straniero in emersione” under “Seleziona tipologia”. And then to insert the Fiscal Code, under “Codice Fiscale o Codice Univoco”.

Remember to flag the Data Protection release.

And finally click on “Accedi“, on the bottom of the page. They will be asked to provide further information on the area where they are living in, therefore the city/town/village and the related postal code.

They will then be able to see which time-slots are available for booking and choose the one that they prefer.

The Vaccination in Italian Regions

The online process to book an anti-Covid vaccine in Italian regions other than Lombardy do not vary. The only difference is that the online process must go through the following Vaccination Portal: Vaccinazione in Italia. The steps showed above are exactly the same on this (even) different website.

What to do Next

Once booked the anti-Covid vaccine, they will receive a QR code. Such QR code must be shown when going to the appointment. Please also remember them to bring the identification documents and the Fiscal Code. 

We do not have enough information about getting the second vaccine dose in a different country, meaning that if you have already been vaccinated in your home country and willing to get the second dose in Italy, this is still not possible, as the European public administration are still on the way to be coordinated.

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