EURES: New Incentives with the Targeted Mobility Scheme

eures targeted mobility scheme

There are new incentives for any EU citizen willing to work in Europe (in a different country from their own). In fact EURES has launched a new project, the Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS), to support employers and job seekers and facilitate the job/workers search.

EURES is a free, multilingual network and platform, that exists since 1994. It is a European cooperation network of employment services, to facilitate the free movement of workers across Europe. The principle guiding EURES is that European citizens can benefit from the same opportunities, despite language barriers, cultural differences, bureaucratic challenges, diverse employment laws and a lack of recognition of educational certificates across Europe.

EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS)

The overall purpose of the new EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme is to facilitate job placements over Europe. Specifically, the scheme allows employers to:

  • post their vacancies directly on the EURES platform;
  • get an easy-to-use advertising process;
  • establish direct links with employer and sectoral associations in different EU Countries;
  • spread online recruitment systems;
  • serve low skilled or disadvantaged target groups.

The EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme is an initiative funded by the European Commission through the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme.

TMS Incentives

Along with the above, the EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme brings new advantages. Let’s have a look into them.


The overall incentives for the employers are the following:

  • an EU wide, multilingual, human network of EURES Advisers;
  • an extensive pool of employer across Europe, Norway and Iceland through the EURES Network and the project partners;
  • free services from pre-selection to post placement;
  • a specific attention to people with special needs.

The employers can now access a large database of CVs from all over Europe. They also get support when registering to the platform, with the possibility to delegate an EURES adviser to operate on their behalf. The support of an EURES adviser goes to the definition of the vacancy and the employer’s needs too. Moreover, EURES will do the pre-selection and matching of suitable candidates, and arrange the interviews.

Employers will get also financial support to deliver integration training programmes to the selected candidates.

Job Seekers

Toward job seekers, the incentives are:

  • The possibility to experience mobility, enrich the CV or start a new phase of life and work;
  • Getting information, advice and support to apply for a work-based experience in another country;
  • Getting support and financial benefits to realize your professional mobility project.

Anyone willing to work in Europe will get the EURES support to find jobs, traineeships, apprenticeships in any EU country, Norway and Iceland. The support covers:

  • the job seeking;
  • the mobility;
  • and the application for financial benefits.

Financial Benefits

EURES TMS provides a wide range of benefits to facilitate the relocation and mobility.

  1. Job interview: allowances to cover the costs arising from attending the interviews you may be invited to. The measure consists of a flat-rate financial contribution towards travel and accommodation costs (including travel insurance) and a daily subsistence allowance (DSA). The contribution towards travel and accommodation costs varies depending on the distance between your home country and the country where the interview takes place.
  2. Country and family relocation: the allowance consists of a lump-sum, delivered once, at the beginning of your job/traineeship/apprenticeship experience. If you are moving together with a family member (spouse, partner, child) you are entitled to an additional support, equal to the relocation allowance. The additional support only covers one family member.
  3. Language course: If you attend language courses to improve your knowledge of one or more of the official languages of your host country, the EURES TMS will reimburse you for up to a maximum of €2,200.

EURES guarantees the recognition of diplomas and qualifications over Europe and gives a flat-rate contribution of €440 if you need to cover the costs of the recognition.

Moreover, it provides an additional relocation allowance to participants with disabilities and special needs. The supplementary allowance tackles any extraordinary expenditures involved in moving to the host country. This allowance is additional to the relocation allowance and consists of a financial support of up to € 550.

See the full details of the EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme.

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