EU Blue Card To Work In Europe

eu blue card

Even though the freedom of movement applies to the EU workers and allows them to work and live in any EU country, as such freedom is a fundamental right of the European Union, the same principle does not apply to any other person without an EU residency but willing to work in Europe.

For this reason, the European Union gives non-residents the possibility to get a EU Blue Card.

EU Blue Card To Work In Europe

High-qualified workers from non-EU countries can apply for a Blue Card that allows them to live and work in the European Union.

There are some requirements to meet in order to get a Blue Card. Applicants must:

  • Own a valid work contract or binding offer of highly qualified employment for at least six months;
  • Have an offer of a gross annual salary that meets the threshold of the member states;
  • In case of regulated professions, it is necessary to fulfill the conditions to exercise the profession itself;
  • For unregulated professions, it is necessary to have relevant higher professional qualifications;
  • For IT workers, it is necessary to have higher professional skills.

EU Blue Card: How It Works

The applicants will receive a notification of the decision over their request within 90 days from application.

Concerning the validity of the permit, each member state decides on a standard validity period for EU Blue Cards, with a mandatory minimum of 24 months.

The Blue Card is issued for the duration of the contract plus 3 months.

What Rights You Earn with the EU Blue Card

The good news for anyone willing to work in Europe, is that with the Blue Card you will earn specific rights that align yourself to any other EU citizen.

The owner of a Blue Card indeed can:

  • enter, re-enter and stay in the territory of the EU country issuing the card;
  • access high qualified employment in the member state issuing the card;
  • request family reunification with permits with the same duration as the Blue Card;
  • align to EU citizens in terms of working conditions, education and training, social security and access to services;
  • accumulate period of residence in different member states to be eligible for an EU long-term residence permit.

Mobility with the EU Blue Card

The Blue Card holders have the right to move, through:

  • Short-term mobility: meaning that they can travel to another EU country for a business activity for a short period;
  • Long-term mobility: meaning that, after 1 year in a EU country, they can enter a second member state and apply for a new card via a quick and simple procedure.

The regulation of the EU Blue Card goes under the Immigration Policy of the European Union.

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