NextGenerationEU: a Plan to Restart


The NextGenerationEU is a plan of recovery that involves the EU states under the supervision of the European Union, to rebuild after the damages of the Covid pandemic, that affected the EU citizens and countries.

It is a plan of re-generation and recovery, that touches many fields of action: from the economy to education, from technology to ecology and care for the environment. It shows therefore an overall commitment to overcome the Covid pandemic and to further develop certain priorities that make the European Union stand out into the world.

The NextGenerationEU shows indeed the effort to emerge stronger from the pandemic, transform economies and societies, and design an Europe that works for everyone.

Budget and Priorities of NextGenerationEU

The European Unione agreed on a total budget of €750 billions to fund the NextGenerationEU recovery plan. The main objectives of the plan are:

  • a greener Europe;
  • an healthier Europe;
  • a more digital Europe.

The budget that the European Union set out goes to projects with the aim of improving and implementing such objectives.

Make It Green

Europe is on track to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. With NextGenerationEU, the EU will invest in environmentally-friendly technologies, roll out greener vehicles and public transport, and make our buildings and public spaces more energy efficient.

The chance is there to take: everyone can play a role in making a greener Europe, by taking public transport or biking, by eating more vegetables and less meat, by buying second hand, recycling and reusing.

A Digital Europe

In the next 10 years, the EU will transition to a digital decade.

The initiatives to address on the field are:

  • connect everywhere with 5G and EU-wide ultra-fast broadband;
  • a digital identity (eID), making it easier to access online public services;
  • artificial intelligence, to fight climate change and improve healthcare, transport and education;
  • green and efficient cities and towns;
  • security on online shopping.

The EU is funding online training courses so that everyone, young or old, can improve their digital skills. We’re helping small and medium-sized businesses go online. And we’re making e-education more accessible.

The Health System

Due to the Covid pandemic, we have learned how weak and inefficient our healthcare system can turn out when facing global crises. For this reason, the NextGenerationEU plan will:

  • work with all EU countries to protect against health threats;
  • invest more in research and innovation to develop vaccines and treatments;
  • modernise our health systems;
  • fund training for Europe’s medical and healthcare professionals.

Over those three priorities, the NextGenerationEU plan aims at funding initiatives to:

  • encourage young people to study science and technology;
  • support education and apprenticeships;
  • offer loans and grants to young entrepreneurs;
  • guarantee equal rights and opportunities, fighting racism, xenophobia, homophobia;
  • promote gender equality and strengthen women’s empowerment.

You’ll soon be able to find here more information about NextGenerationEU projects in your area.

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