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Are you a youth worker and interested in finding out how to implement the mental health of young people in youth Exchanges? Join this training course in Finland and live for a week in a multicultural and dynamic environment!

In this training program, you’ll gain skills to support the mental well-being of young participants in youth exchanges.

The training course will take place in Kannonkoski, Finland, from the 11th to the 16th of March 2024.

The training course

International youth programmes can significantly boost the well-being of young individuals facing challenges.

They often provide a sense of belonging and achievement. However, at times, it might be overwhelming for them.

Adults may feel unsure about including young people with mental health issues in these international youth exchanges.

This training isn’t about therapy, diagnoses, or clinical assistance. As a youth worker, your role isn’t to provide therapy, make diagnoses, or have a background in psychiatry.

You’ll learn how to better involve young people with various mental health challenges and promote their well-being, without taking on clinical responsibilities.

The programme

During this project, participants will be able to:

  • Learn more about mental health
  • Get to know helpful tools and methods
  • Customise these tools for their work with their group
  • Discover ways to make a safe environment for everyone involved
  • Boost their skills in mental health as a youth worker
  • Learn to plan and lead international youth exchanges by actively engaging young people

Moreover, participants will also learn how to plan a youth exchange.

The aims of the project

The host association has set the following training course objectives:

  • Introduce and adapt tools for mental health challenges
  • Explore the significance of psychological safety in youth exchanges
  • Develop skills to involve young people facing challenges in youth exchange processes
  • Provide youth workers with basic knowledge about youth exchanges

These objectives will be achieved through the development of non-formal education activities and moments of dialogue between participants.

Who can participate?

30 youth workers from all over Europe will participate in the project.

Professionals or voluntary youth workers who regularly engage with young people facing mental health challenges can apply for participation in this training.

They should have a defined role in their organisation, which frequently conducts activities for local or regional young people.

Previous experience in international youth work or being a mental health specialist is not required, making it suitable for both newcomers and experienced youth workers.

Participants must be at least 18 years old and speak English well.

What’s included?

The Finnish National Agency will take care of where participants stay and provide meals from Monday dinner to Saturday breakfast during the activity.

The National Agency in their respective country will reimburse participants for travel expenses.

How to apply?

Finally, you can send your application through the official portal of Salto-Youth.

The deadline is 11 February 2024!


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