“RemoteWell” Training Course in Italy with The GloRe Network



Boost your knowledge in Erasmus+ European mobility projects with this training course! “RemoteWell” is a project with the aim of addressing the cultural and geographical barriers present in ESC projects. The initiative will concentrate on tasks such as recruiting and selecting candidates, offering ongoing support, and ensuring the efficient dissemination of project results.

The program will take place from March 16 to March 22, 2024, covering travel dates. It will be held at Fattoria l’Arca in Belvedere Marittimo, Italy.

The training course

The training course will use fun ways of learning like games, teamwork, discussions, role-plays, simulations, and self-directed activities. It includes ideas from the facilitators’ experience and past projects, focusing on non-formal education, coaching, emotional intelligence, and popular education.

The programme

The RemoteWell Training Course is a project by the association “The GloRe Network”, and it will be focusing on these themes:

  1. Helping volunteers during their ESC and international volunteering experiences.
  2. Making ESC/international volunteer recruitment and selection processes more effective.
  3. Spreading the results of the project.
  4. Recognising and certifying the skills gained during volunteering.
  5. Building networks, sharing good practices, and creating new collaborations.

Moreover, the project aims to enhance organisations’ ability to support and communicate remotely with ESC and international volunteers. The specific goals include improving the recruitment and selection process, providing better support to volunteers, spreading project results, and fostering partnerships within the network.

Who will participate in the project?

With a total of 31 participants sought, the project aims to recruit 25 individuals from designated countries, including Bulgaria, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Austria, France, Morocco, Georgia, Egypt, and Tunisia. The selection process for Italian participants is already completed. Prospective participants should actively engage in ESC and international volunteering or serve as mentors, demonstrating adherence to specified requirements.

What are the requirements?

To participate in RemoteWell training course you must have the following requirements:

  • Currently engaged in an organisation
  • Eager to participate in preparation and follow-up activities
  • Possess a proficient level of English to execute tasks without translation
  • Actively involved in the volunteer selection process (preferred)
  • Actively supports the volunteer(s) (preferred)
  • Actively participates in local promotion and dissemination activities (preferred)
  • Actively contributes to the organisation’s online communication (preferred)

What’s included?

Participants don’t have to pay any fee to take part in the project.

Instead, they will deduct a portion from each participant’s travel budget (up to 50 euros per participant) to cover the private bus round trip expenses, as the association offer private transport from Lamezia Terme Airport to the venue and back.

The Erasmus+ Programme will fully cover food and accommodation in double and triple rooms.

How to apply?

For any doubt or question you can contact the host association through the following email: [email protected]

Finally, you can send your application through the official portal of Salto-Youth.

The deadline is 26 January 2024!


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